Input green shaded boxes
Lighting Source Neon SloanLED 
Nominal installation (feet)
x power consumption (watts/ft)*
Power supply efficiency (LED only) N/A
x 12 hours/day
x 365 days
/ 1000 = annual kilowatt hours
x cost per kilowatt hour
Total annual energy cost
Potential energy savings per year over neon
Based on 12,000 Volt Magnetic Transformer    
*Neon power consumption (watts/ft): 30ma/magnetic Red 3.80
(consumption is affected by the transformer) 30ma/magnetic White 3.10
60ma/magnetic Red 7.00
  60ma/magnetic White 5.70
Estimates only: Check with your neon transformer manufacturer for specific manufacturers' product results.
Disclaimer: These are only estimates based on information provided by multiple vendors. Actual results will vary based on specifics of the sign, including location, transformer load, quality of primary voltage, quality of neon manufacturing, avg temp., etc. This does not take into account color/brightness differences, upfront costs of manufacturing and installation, and ongoing maintanance/possible repair costs.