1   Energy
    Hours illuminated       hrs/day
    Cost per kWh   $   /kWh
2   Sign using SloanLED PrismBEAM
    SloanLED PrismBEAM product
    SloanLED PrismBEAM lamp length
    Total power usage       W
    Annual power cost   $   /yr
    Estimate of total installation labor cost   $    
    Initial illumination cost of sign using SloanLED PrismBEAM   $    
3   Sign using fluorescent lamps
    Type of fluorescent lamp & ballast
    Linear feet of fluorescent lamps       ft
    Total power usage       W
    Annual power cost   $   /yr
4   Annual maintenance
    Estimated annual maintenance cost including labor, materials, & equipment
    SloanLED PrismBEAM solution   $    
    Fluorescent system   $    
    Summary of costs & savings    
    Fluorescent annual energy cost   $    
    SloanLED PrismBEAM annual energy cost   $    
    Annual energy cost savings   $    
    Fluorescent annual maintenance cost   $    
    SloanLED PrismBEAM annual maintenance cost   $    
    Annual maintenance cost savings   $    
    SloanLED PrismBEAM initial illumination cost   $    
    Payback period for retrofit sign using SloanLED PrismBEAM