Border Tubing & Accent LED Lighting

Border tubing and accent LED lighting allows for creative sign solutions and architectural accents. SloanLED offers three LED tubing solutions to fit your application.

ColorLINE FlexiBRITE Red FlexiBRITE LEDStripe Red LEDStripe Orange LEDStripe Amber LEDStripe Green LEDStripe Blue LEDStripe White LEDStripe Lemon Yellow
Red Orange Yellow Green Blue White Warm white Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Red Orange Amber Green Blue White Yellow
ColorLINE FlexiBRITE LEDStripe
Neon inspired look, high brightness, easy to cut in the field, low power consumption Flexible tubing, pre-assembled/sealed, easy to cut in the field and bend in the field without heating Ultra-bright, large profile, and high impact rigid tubing; daytime color when non-illuminated
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, White, Warm White Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue Red, Orange, Amber, Green, Blue, White, Lemon Yellow

SloanLED border tubing and accent products are covered by US and foreign patents pending and covered by one or more of the following US patents issued: 6,776,504, 6,969,179, 7,192,157, 7,213,941 and European Patent No. 1756471