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Street Wrap™ Flex Back‑Bend

Flexible LED illumination

Street Wrap™ Flex Back-Bend is the perfect border solution for adding an extra punch of color to your building without pricey customization or set-up fees, so enjoy wrapping your building quickly and easily.
  • Bends front to back
  • 60 mm minimum bending radius
  • Dual extrusion, diffused silicone lens, and thermal conductive base
  • Easy installation
  • Applications include neon tube light sources, indoor/outdoor, building & sign outline lighting, and cove lighting
  • UV resistant
  • Evenly illuminates
  • Cuttable every 100 mm for standard colors and 72 mm for RGB
NOTE: The LED neon and its components may not be mechanically stressed. Please ensure that the power supply is adequate to operate the total load. Only qualified personnel should be allowed to perform installations. The housing design should be according to the IP standards in the application. If the surge protection structure is not within the power supplier, a lightning protector should be needed additionally. Before cutting and sealing, please read the user manual and ensure you fully understand it. Please do not twist or bend the product in the wrong direction (see Figure 1 on the datasheet for a correct demonstration). Warranty is void if any cuts are made in the field. SloanLED must make any cuts to maintain the warranty.

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