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SloanLED is committed to delivering high-performance, state-of-the-art, innovative lighting solutions by anticipating our customer's needs.


Shift into high gear with attention-grabbing signage, and indoor/outdoor illumination that delivers high performance and puts you in the driver's seat with exceptional energy savings and high-speed ROI.


lluminate the shopping experience, and strengthen your everchanging 24/7 business with brilliant, uniform indoor/outdoor and refrigerated display lighting that invites shoppers to engage and buy.


Create a brilliant first impression that sets the tone for visitors, with welcoming outdoor illumination, radiant sign and architectural lighting, and beautiful indoor and accent lighting that sets the scene for an unparalleled guest experience.


Let your petroleum station shine as a beacon of convenience and safety with attention-grabbing signage, and brilliant canopy and parking area lighting that pump-up energy savings and reduce operating costs.


Immerse consumers and products in a well-lit environment, and forge a shopping experience that invites customers to engage and buy. From the top shelf to the bottom line, retail lighting solutions from SloanLED put your store in line for success.

Additional Markets

SloanLED brings a certain depth of knowledge and flexibility allowing us to grow with, and adapt to different markets and customer needs.


Make a brilliant long-term investment with long-life LED lighting solutions from SloanLED that offer tremendous energy savings, easy installation, and incredible ROI.

Drug Store

Let your visitors know that their wellness and care is important to you outside and inside the store, with beautiful, bright, sign and outdoor area illumination, and indoor, ambient, and retail display lighting that eliminates dark spots and shadows, and give your store a healthy diagnosis.


Make a fresh choice with top shelf lighting solutions that not only put your products and facility in the right light, but also put you in the express lane to energy savings and faster ROI!

Parking Garage

Provide a reassuring, well-lit area with curb appeal for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians, with diminished shadows and high visibility, while increasing energy savings and reducing maintenance and operating costs.


Serve up a stimulating space that invites patrons to stop and stay. From sign and architectural to ambient and accent lighting solutions, SloanLED has all the fixings to make your restaurant noticeable, energy efficient, and memorable.

Sport Venues

Light up the night with brilliant, energy efficient, sign, accent, and outdoor lighting solutions from SloanLED, sure to knock your brand and energy savings out of the park!