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Lighting drives traffic.

Smart Auto Group

What We Did

  • We worked with Southern Company and Curtis Stout in Little Rock, AR to improve the illumination at the Smart Auto Group dealership in White Hall, AR

The before and after is like night and day. It has greatly improved our visibility from the interstate.

~ Roger Smart


- Improve illumination for dealership from two nearby interstates
- Reduce maintenance costs
- Reduce energy footprint


With a 1-for-1 head replacement and a combination of wattage in the fixtures, we were able to achieve the same foot-candles as before while saving energy costs and achieving a simple payback in 11 months. The project delivered a substantial improvement in lighting levels


- Annual kWh Saved 352,647
- Annual Energy Cost Savings $33,500.00
- Simple Payback 11 Months
- Internal Rate of Return 117.61%