A one-of-a-kind towering project. | SloanLED


A one-of-a-kind towering project.

Exchange Tower

What We Did

  • Specialized Signs assembled the dream team of designers, installers, and manufacturers to deliver a one-of-a-kind signage solution to manufacture and illuminate huge 3D acrylic cubes that go from ground level to 80 ft high up the office block and wrap around the top!

Everybody at Exchange Tower is over the moon with this project it looks absolutely amazing especially at night time. SloanLED’s LEDs performed exceptionally well and the perfectly even illumination in L-shaped cubes is fantastic as this is one of the most difficult shapes to illuminate evenly!

~ Graham Sim, Specialized Signs, Edinburgh, UK


Specialized Signs was tasked with designing and installing 44 huge illuminated cubes at the Exchange Tower in Edinburgh, one area above the entrance and the other area from ground level up the corner of the building over 80 ft high and wrapping around both sides at the top 80 ft up


SloanLED was the only product that could illuminate the 300 mm deep L-shaped cubes as well as the 500 mm deep reception area cubes with perfect, super-bright illumination


The end result is a beautifully manufactured highlight to a huge city center office block that gives the building a quality finish and draws everyone's eye to the building and even more to the fantastic sign that Specialized Signs designed, manufactured, and installed