BP goes green in China. | SloanLED


BP goes green in China.


What We Did

  • Provided a broad range of super-efficient LED solutions to illuminate the entire BP site saving more than 40% over typical LED solutions providing increased visibility with the SloanLED BP Green LEDStripe around the entire canopy. We also made possible bright and even illuminated forecourt using the unique PDL3 MODUS under canopy light and installed high-efficiency parking lot lights using the Optimus.

We want to offer our Chinese customers a friendly and welcoming experience. This is an entirely new site where we are testing a new design that not only improves the lighting but also is saving 20% more energy over competitive LED Solutions.


The primary task at hand was to improve the efficiency of the new BP store and launch a new look and feel for BP China


- PDL3 MODUS under canopy lights were chosen for their high efficiency, 10-year warranty and market-leading performance. The fixture is designed for hot environments seen in Asia / Pacific and ensures even illumination of the entire forecourt through a Type V optic
- OPTIMUS was chosen for the parking area using a Type III lens for perfect street light illumination
- SloanLED LEDStripe is an architectural product that attracts attention to the site


This store will serve as the flagship store for many new sites across China over the years