A brighter welcome to Brooklyn. | SloanLED


A brighter welcome to Brooklyn.

Panorama Brooklyn

What We Did

  • Partnered with NY Sign Art to illuminate 15 ft high, 80 ft long, “Welcome” sign in Brooklyn Heights with 500 ft of FlexiBRITE Ruby Red
  • Provided an efficient, sustainable LED lighting solution, superior in reliability and energy consumption to classic neon
  • Maintained the same amount of light output as the previous sign, a better level of brightness throughout the product’s lifespan, and 60% higher energy efficiency

The ever-evolving landscape of Brooklyn’s culture, energy, and creativity is now signified by a new beacon of light that is the ‘Welcome’ sign.

~ Asher Abehsera, founder and CEO of LIVWRK, Brooklyn, NY


Developers of the Panorama Brooklyn retail and office complex renovation project in Brooklyn Heights, NY, wanted to reinforce the message that Brooklyn welcomes new visitors and businesses. They planned to replace the 50-year-old Watchtower sign with the word “Welcome,” in celebration of Panorama Brooklyn becoming an accessible and vital part of the Brooklyn waterfront.


Five hundred feet of FlexiBRITE Ruby Red flexible LED tubing. Virtually maintenance-free and ideal for adding neon appeal without the concerns of breakage.


A bright, red beacon of hospitality and greeting, shining over lower Manhattan and receiving travelers as they cross the Brooklyn Bridge, that will maintain a better level of brightness throughout the product’s lifespan and deliver 60% higher energy efficiency than classic neon.