Cold Deck

LED lighting system for multi-deck merchandisers

Cold DeckCold Deck installed in multi-deck merchandiser

Cold Deck lighting system is designed to optimize visual appeal of produce, meat, and dairy cases (multi-deck merchandisers). Extends shelf life of perishables through reduced heat output.

  • Eliminates the need to de-merchandise cases while upgrading
  • Illuminates product facings with crisp, uniform light dispersion
  • Up to 77% energy savings compared with typical fluorescent fixtures
Powers lights through existing fluorescent lamp holders. Patent pending feature eliminates the need to de-merchandise.
Lamp holder band
Attaches the dongle to the existing lamp holder.
Rare-earth magnet
Secures lights to shelves without the need to be mechanically affixed.
Stand-off clip
Snaps together to adapt to different canopy depths and angles.
Class 2 rating
Converts case to a low voltage system.