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SloanLED Launches Class-leading Lighting Solution for Small Channel Letters


Big performance in small channel letters

VENTURA, Calif. – SloanLED, leaders in light technology for 65 years, introduces SloanLED Prism12 Nano+, a premium 12 VDC LED channel letter lighting solution and the next generation of Nano modules for routed acrylic block letter, shallow channel letter, and backlit halo letter applications as shallow as 1 in (25 mm).

SloanLED Prism12 Nano+, available in White (7200 K, 6500 K, 5000 K, 4000 K, and 3000 K), Red, Green, and Blue, delivers several advancements over its predecessor with improved elliptical optics for better light distribution; more modules per driver with 250 white modules per 60 W power supply; 22 AWG cable for increased safety and reduced voltage drop; and unprecedented efficacy of up to 160 lm/W, making SloanLED Prism12 Nano+ the class-leading solution over competing 12 V and 24 V products.

“Vastly improved efficacy on the white variants is the most significant change to our next generation of Nano. The results are lower running costs, improved ROI for the end client, and modules per power supply which benefits everyone,” explained Barry Blythe, Director of Sign Product Solutions at SloanLED. “Beyond increased efficacy, we’ve made a whole host of changes that will keep this important member of our Prism family, streets ahead of the competition for years to come. Despite being a 12 V system, Prism12 Nano+ is now over 29% more efficient than its nearest competitors’ 24 V systems.”

SloanLED Prism12 Nano+, built with sign makers in mind, quickly and easily conforms to any shape for easy flat bends and connections without the need for soldering or PCB cutting and 3M VHB tape for fast, easy installation, and comes with SloanLED’s industry-leading 10-year parts and labor assistance warranty.


SloanLED is committed to providing complete LED lighting solutions across the globe with the lowest cost of ownership, significant energy and maintenance savings, easy installation, and superior ROI. With 65 years as a leader in the industry, our products are proven and backed by the best warranties. Our high-performance sign, indoor, outdoor, refrigerated display, and spa lighting solutions are trusted by Fortune 500 brands, carried by quality sign companies, and stocked by top distributors worldwide. Headquartered in Ventura, California, with global offices in The Netherlands and China, SloanLED delivers the best LEDs and support, superior technical assistance, and unparalleled customer assistance, which is why companies who mean business choose SloanLED. For more information on our company and products, visit


Jeremy Baker