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SloanLED Launches Next Generation of Popular Linear Lighting Solution


Multiple applications. One brilliant solution.

VENTURA, Calif.SloanLED, leaders in light technology for over 60 years, announces the launch of HighLINER 3, a versatile yet simple linear lighting solution for new or existing indoor and outdoor applications. The IP68-rated fixture is ideal for petroleum stations, restaurants, c-stores, parking structures, stockrooms, coolers, and car washes, providing natural white illumination for improved walkway/aisle visibility and building aesthetics. HighLINER 3 features an innovative design that improves efficiency and reduces installation and maintenance costs, shortening payback periods.

HighLINER 3 is available in five lengths (1, 2, 4, 6, and 8-ft) that are easily daisy-chained together using lead wires on both ends of the fixture. Improvements over the previous generation include a 36% increase in lumen output and a 26% increase in efficacy at 132 lumens per watt (5000 K CCT). HighLINER 3 also features a co-extruded impact-modified acrylic housing that diffuses the light and protects the luminaire to deliver long operating life.

“We engineered HighLINER 3 to surpass anything on the market in both performance and ROI,” explained Warren Turner, Director of Lighting Systems Sales at SloanLED. “We’re confident that our customers will agree that we exceeded our objective.”

HighLINER 3 is UL Recognized, NSF/ANSI 2 Classified for use on and around food processing and equipment, ETL certified, and RoHS and WEEE compliant. Additionally, HighLINER 3 is DesignLights Consortium® (DLC) Qualified to allow for incentives from utilities and energy efficiency program sponsors. Visit for more information about HighLINER 3 designations.

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