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SloanLED Launches PDL3 MODUS Mini for EU-ROW Region


Surface mount LED lighting system.

VENTURA, Calif.SloanLED, leaders in light technology for over 60 years, adds improved surface mount lighting support for the EU-ROW region with PDL3 MODUS Mini. It puts the power and innovation of the acclaimed PDL3 MODUS LED lighting system in a self-contained design that includes everything needed for fast, one-person installations in outdoor canopy, parking garage, and walk-in cooler applications.

PDL3 MODUS Mini is available in 75 W (35.6 to 64.2 W output) and 150 W (75.6 to 118.4 W output) driver packages and features a sleek, compact, shoebox-style design offering a smaller footprint over standard canopy lighting solutions that require large, unsightly cover plates. The system delivers superior efficacy for lower energy consumption and is configurable for automated lighting control via single, multi, and networked zoned occupancy system accessories.

“We’re excited to introduce PDL3 MODUS Mini to the market,” said Martin Andersen, Director of International Sales at SloanLED. “The compact design addresses quite a few needs we’ve heard from customers in the EU-ROW region, but the bigger story is the efficacy at 159 lm/W, which offers lower energy consumption and a smaller carbon footprint. SloanLED is committed to working with our partners to build a brighter future, and it’s wonderful to be a part of that.”

PDL3 MODUS Mini is protected against rain and water splash with its IP68-rated luminaire head and IP54-rated luminaire body and comes with an industry-leading 10-year warranty.

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