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SloanLED Protects Buyers at the Highest Level with New Service Warranty Coverage


Performance+ Service Warranty

VENTURA, Calif.SloanLED, leaders in light technology for nearly 65 years, adds a new 2-year Performance+ Service Warranty to all applicable SloanLED Lighting Systems products installed within the United States. It covers their repair or replacement at the installation site by SloanLED for two years from the date of shipment.

Most LED lighting manufacturers offer minimum protection with a 5-year parts-only warranty on fixtures. Labor is not typically covered, resulting in added costs when the product needs to be serviced or replaced. The SloanLED Performance+ Service Warranty grants added value, protection, and peace of mind to SloanLED’s expanding portfolio of high-reliability products.

“We’re excited to introduce the new Performance+ Service Warranty,” said Warren Turner, Director of Lighting Systems Sales at SloanLED. “As a trusted partner in the success of our customers, we go beyond simply meeting the industry’s standard general warranties for parts. We protect buyers at the highest level by offering products they can count on, from a company they can trust, for years to come.”

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SloanLED is committed to providing complete LED lighting solutions across the globe with the lowest cost of ownership, significant energy and maintenance savings, easy installation, and superior ROI. With nearly 65 years as a leader in the industry, our products are proven and backed by the best warranties. Our high-performance sign, indoor, outdoor, refrigerated display, and spa lighting solutions are trusted by Fortune 500 brands, carried by quality sign companies, and stocked by top distributors worldwide. Headquartered in Ventura, California, with global offices in The Netherlands and China, SloanLED delivers the best LEDs and support, superior technical assistance, and unparalleled customer assistance, which is why companies who mean business choose SloanLED. For more information on our company and products, visit


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