24 VDC Power Supply

SloanLED 24 VDC 100 Watt Power Supply

The 24 VDC 100 Watt power supply is designed specifically for the sign industry, incorporating innovations that speed installation and ensure reliable performance in harsh outdoor applications. The power supply is IP68 (Ingress Protection) rated to protect from dust and water intrusion, and is UL Recognized for dry, damp, and wet locations. The power supply includes improved stress tolerance in heat‑sensitive components and subsystems, with unique design enhancements that strengthen electrical connections while allowing key components to flex to accommodate temperature‑related expansion.

  • Patented end cap design for easy electrical connections and installation
  • Rugged and compact
No fuses to replace or circuit breaker to reset. Short circuit protection automatically resets when short condition is corrected.
Simple secondary hook‑ups
No minimum load, dip‑switches, or load balancing required.
Modular design
Cluster with standard J‑boxes to create multiple 100 W legs.