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A bolder consumer experience.

MediaMarkt Tech Village Rotterdam

What We Did

  • Partnered with SIZO Group to illuminate new signs and retrofit existing ones for MediaMarkt, Europe’s largest retailer for consumer electronics, at their Rotterdam location
  • Provided a complete solution with VL4 and PosterBOX families, SloanLED BrightLINE, ColorLINE, and Quantum power supplies, creating a vibrant shopping experience

SloanLED provided fantastic end-to-end service, delivering technical drawings, layouts, calculations, and products to complete this MediaMarkt transformation. Each SloanLED product works to highlight a different part of the store, creating not only functional illumination but also a visual experience, branding the building’s interior and exterior to catch the eye of both customers and passers-by.

~ Patrick Witkamp, Operations Manager, SIZO Group


MediaMarkt, a popular technology store chain in Europe, wanted to revamp its customer experience and rebrand to MediaMarkt Tech Village, creating the need for updated signage and accent lighting, inside and out.


• 152 PosterBOX 3 modules for a 40 × 3.6 m (131.2 × 11.8 ft) outdoor lightbox
• 4,320 VL4 Red and 11,200 VL4 White modules for indoor and outdoor channel letter sets of various sizes, including a 10 m (32.8 ft) outdoor sign, wrapping around a vertical corner of the building
• 40.8 m (136 ft) of ColorLINE Red to line the escalators
• SloanLED BrightLINE for narrow boxes and nearly 50 m (164.25 ft) of PosterBOX ID for indoor lightboxes
• 100 SloanLED red wall washers for the large, street-facing, glass wall


A stunning and cohesive visual experience for consumers as they visit vendors within the new MediaMarkt Tech Village Rotterdam.