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Legendary large-format lighting.

First Direct Arena

What We Did

  • Illuminated two large-format lightboxes, standing 3 meters high, and up to 10 meters wide
  • Transformed an important space with brilliant, smooth illumination, while using fewer modules and less energy
  • Made installation fast and easy, with built-in module spacers for perfect LED pitch

The resulting installation is stunning and has transformed our most important space.

~ Tony Watson, Director of Sales, Marketing & PR, First Direct Arena


Illuminate two large-format lightboxes (10 m x 3 m and 5 m x 3 m), in The Black & White Lounge at First Direct Arena in Leeds, UK.


Two rows of facing modules were installed in each lightbox. Perfect LED pitch was quickly and easily achieved using PosterBOX 3's built-in module spacers, and with 90 modules used, the entire system draws only 1200 W of power.


Beautiful, smooth illumination, and fast, easy installation, in what has been described as "the most effective piece of branding in the arena".