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Achieve Round High Bay (Discontinued)

High performance round high bay


Achieve Round High Bay is designed not only to deliver superior illumination but to exceed its 10-year warranty and lifespan, so you can turn it on and leave it on. Achieve Round High Bay is available in three lumen packages for mid to high ceilings and features rugged, die-cast construction, separate optical and driver assemblies for superior thermal management, and a calculated lifetime of more than 150,000 hours.
  • Designed for demanding, complex environments
  • Three lumen packages to choose from: 12,359; 21,058; and 29,410 lumens
  • Separated optical and driver assemblies for excellent thermal management
  • PC-injected, UV stabilized, high-impact lens
  • Four reflector options are available for superior application performance
  • Life rating L70 @ 50° C ambient >150,000 calculated hours per TM21-11

This product is no longer available.

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