Go big or go home.

Nissan Stadium

What We Did

  • Illuminated the new Nissan Stadium marquee, one of the largest stadium signs in the world
  • Provided brilliant, consistent quality of light to accurately represent Nissan’s branding

The new marquee is consistent with Nissan’s commitment to sustainability with SloanLED’s energy efficient LED products.


Illuminate the Nissan Stadium marquee, one of the largest stadium signs in the world, with "NISSAN" letters standing 15 feet tall and "STADIUM" letters standing 7.5 feet tall.


A combination of 8,000 individual VL Plus Colors, VL Plus 2 Whites, V180, and V Series modules were used to illuminate the massive 35 ton structure. SloanLED channel letter LED lighting products are designed for a wide range of channel letter applications, including face and halo lit, shallow to deep can depths, and routed acrylic letters. Constant Current Technology forms the backbone of these products, maintaining consistent current levels, and eliminating line loss and voltage drop issues common in many LED lighting systems.


The new marquee is consistent with Nissan's commitment to sustainability with SloanLED's energy efficient LED products, and has the unique capability to support various community programs and national holidays by changing the color of the word "Stadium" (For example: Green lighting for St. Patrick's Day, pink lighting for Breast Cancer Awareness programs, etc.).