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Superior light.

Michelob Ultra Arena

What We Did

  • Partnered with Yaham and Glantz to illuminate the massive 257′ x 78.3′ (78.3 m x 23.9 m) rooftop signage, in addition to two sets of exterior channel letters and a retractable interior sign, for the rebranded Michelob Ultra Arena, formerly Mandalay Bay Events Center

YAHAM was proud to partner with SloanLED, and the roof of the Michelob Ultra Arena stands out because of the LEDStripe tubing. The custom bends matched the logo perfectly, and the LEDStripe Red and White shine brilliantly.

~ Rich Kirsch, Senior Project Manager, North American Division, YAHAM Optoelectronics


Following the 2021 renaming of the Mandalay Bay Events Center as the Michelob Ultra Arena, the sports and entertainment center owners sought a branding overhaul, visually and with the scope to match.


3,454 ft (1,052 m) of LEDStripe Red and White used to illuminate the rooftop signage, as well as SloanLED Prism24 6500 K to light the interior sign and exterior channel letters.


An iconic rooftop sign, visible day and night, that provides increased awareness to the arena and Michelob Ultra’s overall brand.