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SloanLED introduces Symphony Bollard, a dynamic addition to the Symphony Series of architectural lighting fixtures for the U.S. and Canada.


Principal Industries, the leading provider of electrical components and services to the commercial sign industry, announces the acquisition of SloanLED.


SloanLED introduces Symphony Area Light, a dynamic addition to the Symphony Series of architectural lighting fixtures for the U.S. and Canada.


SloanLED announces the extension of its VL4 value series of channel letter LED lighting solutions.


SloanLED announces the global launch of SloanLED Prism12, an improved version of the acclaimed premium 12V LED channel letter lighting solution, SloanLED Prism.


SloanLED unveils new LED lighting solutions in booth 3323 at ISA International Sign Expo 2022, May 4-6 in Atlanta, Georgia.


SloanLED introduces SloanLED BrightLINE Outdoor for illuminating exterior shallow sign cabinets and light boxes requiring higher brightness.


SloanLED introduces Cairo Floodlight, an HID fixture replacement for landscape, architectural wall wash, & signage lighting for the EU-ROW region.


SloanLED announces SloanLED BrightLINE 2, the next generation of its innovative alternative for single-sided light box illumination.


SloanLED introduces Indusun high-performance and Indumoon standard round high bays for the EU-ROW region.


SloanLED introduces SloanLED Prism12 Nano+, a premium 12 VDC LED lighting solution and the next generation of Nano modules for small sign applications.


SloanLED reintroduces SLVT Premium Linear Vapor Tights with new quick installation options and Enlighted controls for advanced Internet of Things (IoT) architecture.


SloanLED announces the promotions of Steve Shotwell to President & COO and Warren Turner to General Manager of North American Lighting Systems.


SloanLED introduces the Symphony Garage Lighter, part of the growing Symphony Series of architectural lighting fixtures for the U.S. and Canada.


SloanLED introduces Symphony Wall Mount Luminaire, part of the recently announced Symphony Series of architectural lighting fixtures for the U.S. and Canada.


SloanLED introduces Symphony Floodlight, part of its new Symphony Series of architectural lighting fixtures for the U.S. and Canada.


SloanLED introduces Achieve Round High Bay, part of its new Achieve premium lighting fixture series for the U.S. and Canada.


SloanLED announces new 60C3 dimmable and non-dimmable, damp/dry-rated 12 VDC 60 Watt power supplies, SloanLED’s most versatile and compact power supply solution for LED sign lighting applications.


SloanLED adds a new 2-year Performance+ Service Warranty to all applicable SloanLED Lighting Systems products installed within the United States.


SloanLED announces the launch of HighLINER 3, a versatile yet simple linear lighting solution for new or existing indoor and outdoor applications.


SloanLED announces the launch of Quantum Series: a complete suite of IP68-rated drivers engineered to deliver quality, power, and reliability in EU-ROW sign applications of all sizes.


SloanLED announces the addition of Rick Simon to the SloanLED Lighting Systems Sales Team as Regional Sales Manager, Central U.S.


SloanLED launches Contractor Essentials™ for the U.S. and Canada, a simplified and streamlined selection of everyday commercial lighting products.


SloanLED adds LED recessed luminaires to its interior commercial lighting support for the U.S. and Canada with the launch of Daybreak.


SloanLED launches PrismBEAM24, a significant upgrade to its pre-assembled stick-based LED lighting solution for illuminating new and retrofit sign cabinet applications.


SloanLED announces Jamie Hampshire’s appointment to National Sales Manager, Petroleum – Lighting Systems.


SloanLED introduces the newest addition to its value line of channel letter lighting products with the launch of VL4 Super HO.


SloanLED showcases its recent talent additions as it looks to the future, focusing on building on its strong foundation with investment in products, supply chain, manufacturing, and people.


SloanLED announces Giuseppe Boggio Merlo's addition to the SloanLED Europe Sales Team in the position of Sales Manager, Italy.


SloanLED reintroduces PDL3 MODUS LED lighting system with ATEX certification, offering bright, even illumination and a smaller carbon footprint in regular and hydrogen fuel station canopies.


SloanLED adds LED linear vapor tights to its commercial lighting support for the U.S. and Canada with the new SLVT Series Linear Vapor Tight.


SloanLED adds improved surface mount lighting support for the EU-ROW region with PDL3 MODUS Mini.


SloanLED announces Emmanuel Martin's addition to the SloanLED Europe Sales Team in the position of Sales Manager, Iberia.


SloanLED adds premium backlit panel illumination to its indoor commercial lighting support for the U.S. and Canada with SloanLED Horizon.


SloanLED expands its popular PosterBOX family with new PosterBOX ID high-performance light box illumination for interior signage and POP applications.


SloanLED adds full-body LED high bay illumination to its indoor commercial lighting support for the U.S. and Canada with the new SHL2 Series Linear High Bay.


SloanLED adds Health & Safety to its portfolio of product categories with its new Touchless Occupancy Indicator System.


SloanLED launches a new feature-rich SloanLED Sign Cabinet Layout Estimator offering several improvements over the previous version.


SloanLED LEDBlade focuses light in one direction using asymmetric optics to deliver bright, even illumination, where you want it, without waste.


SloanLED is commemorating 63 years of designing, manufacturing, and selling innovative lighting solutions.


Find utility rebates and calculate payback and energy savings for your next SloanLED lighting project.


SloanLED Value, Performance, and Performance+ Series lighting solutions are designed for the whole spectrum of channel letter applications, delivering performance and reliability to projects of any scale.


The new pricing is a game-changer, offering even greater value on industry-leading ColorLINE and LEDStripe border tube products.


SloanLED announces the appointment of Barry Blythe to Director of Product Solutions - Sign.


The program provides all current and prospective SloanLED sign customers and channel partners in EU/ROW with 25% off any SloanLED sign product towards the retrofit, re-image, or repair of your existing signage.


The program provides all current and prospective SloanLED sign customers and channel partners in the U.S. and Canada with 25% off any SloanLED sign product towards the retrofit, re-image, or repair of your existing signage.


SloanLED’s updated response to the COVID-19 crisis: we’re open and ready for business.


SloanLED introduces an innovative alternative for shallow, single-sided, lightbox illumination, creating a perfect grid of brilliant, uniform light.


At SloanLED, we are working diligently to ensure the safety of our employees, customers, and channel partners around the world.


SloanLED introduces the next generation in its Value Series line of products for small, standard, and large channel letters with the launch of VL4, a low-cost, 12 VDC channel letter lighting solution.


SloanLED adds improved outdoor area lighting support for North America and EU-ROW regions with the next generation of Optimus and PML Series LED pole mount light families.


SloanLED adds versatility and convenience to shallow channel letter and architectural accent applications with new SloanLED FlexTAPE: a low-profile, LED lighting solution that delivers fast, easy installation in a variety of applications where space is limited.


SloanLED completes its high-performance, 24 VDC channel letter lighting product line to include solutions for the full range of small, low-profile/low-power, standard, and large channel letter applications.


SloanLED announces a key return and the restructuring of its Executive Team and Organization, reaffirming the company’s commitment to its customers and channel partners.


SloanLED packs the power and performance of its popular SignBOX 3 system into a slim and highly-efficient design for the EMEA market with the new SignBOX 3 Slim, for large, shallow, double-sided sign boxes.


SloanLED adds a 300-watt power supply to its expansive portfolio, reducing the number of drivers required per sign and resulting in less conduit, fewer hook-ups, and more available space.


SloanLED expands the Prism product family with an innovative, 24V design making it possible to take advantage of 100W power supplies, resulting in improved return on investment and decreased labor at installation.


SloanLED expands the VL Plus 3 product line with a full spectrum of quality, channel letter lighting solutions, available in duo-lens Standard, new tri-lens High Output, and single-lens Mini-modules.


SloanLED showcases Prism Nano in stand A4-L18 at the European Sign Expo; the new lens solution for block acrylic signs and small channel letters comes with a 10-year warranty.


SloanLED unveils new products in booth #3647 at the ISA Int'l Sign Expo; showcases outdoor lighting solutions that signage companies can add to their offering.


SloanLED obtains DesignLights Consortium® (DLC) qualification for 70+ Litecorr-branded products designed for the commercial sector; most of the products qualified are designated with the DLC Premium Rating.


SloanLED announces the launch of SloanLED Prism Mini for channel letters—designed for 2-3" can depths and offers prism optics in the smallest package yet.


SloanLED announces the launch of PosterBOX Mini, a cost-effective, edge-lit cabinet lighting solution for lightbox applications as shallow as 2" deep.


SloanLED more than triples its Lighting Systems portfolio with the launch of 16 new outdoor and indoor product families.


SloanLED launches an extended 10-year product and labor warranty on its most popular LED signage products.


SloanLED announces the launch of SloanLED Prism Nano LED lighting system for illuminating block acrylic signs and small channel letters.


SloanLED previews SignBOX 3 at ISA Sign Expo 2018. SignBOX 3, the new standard in sign cabinet lighting, adds SloanLED Prism technology, resulting in unparalleled, uniform illumination.


SloanLED debuts VL Plus 3 (value lens) at ISA Sign Expo 2018. VL Plus 3, a reimagining of SloanLED’s everyday channel letter solution, incorporates a lens optic that doubles light coverage at half the cost.


SloanLED expands into Mexico, and Central and South America, driven by customer demand in the petroleum, hospitality and retail signage markets.


SloanLED acquires Litecorr, a global LED lighting solutions provider. Together, these complementary companies will provide end-to-end solutions for clients and expand their global reach and product line.


SloanLED has won a national rollout LED lighting upgrade with Engen, one of Africa’s leading energy companies. The Engen program has commenced with several trial sites in South Africa utilizing SloanLED’s PDL3 MODUS lighting solution.


SloanLED announces the launch of SloanLED Prism Enlighten—a low power, high-reliability sign and channel letter lighting solution, delivering a superior lifespan, and lower operating costs using fewer power supplies.


SloanLED announces the launch of Cold Door 3 Performance LED lighting system for cooler doors. Cold Door 3 Performance provides crisp, uniform, illumination across doors for walk-in coolers/freezers, and remote glass door reach-ins.


SloanLED announces the launch of the 60W2 12 VDC 60 Watt Power Supply for wet locations. Designed specifically for the sign industry, the new 60W2 delivers reliability, efficiency, and performance in one powerful package.


SloanLED announces the launch of SloanLED PrismBEAM—an extension of the unparalleled, uniform illumination of our micro prism lens product.


SloanLED announces the launch of PML3 Paladin, LED pole mount family for area lighting, and SloanLED Vista, edge lit LED flat panel luminaires.


SloanLED sponsors Evening with Stars of Energy Efficiency Awards Dinner, promoting energy efficiency worldwide to achieve a healthier economy, a cleaner environment, and energy security.


SloanLED announces PDL3 MODUS HO (high output), the most versatile LED lighting solution for canopies, parking structure/surface mount, and high bay applications that require targeted light from unconventional heights.


SloanLED announces Cold Deck FIT LED lighting system for multi-deck merchandisers.


Largest product launch to date with 14 new models now available.


SloanLED celebrates 60 years of lighting excellence and announces Global Sales Team expansion.


SloanLED announces PDL3 MODUS, the most versatile LED lighting solution for canopies, coolers, parking garages, and more.